The manufacturer of fluoropolymer,silicone rubber products
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March 1973 Honda Sangyo Co.,Ltd was established
1974 Developed quite a new "Braid Joint" method with smooth surface for fluorocarbon resin coated fabrics , and its marketing started
1977 Developed a unique belt splicing method enable to freely detach splicing from conveyor , and its marketing started
1988 Invented new conveyor belts without undesirable meandering : "MAX LINER BELT" , and its marketing started
February 1990 Founded new Nagasaki Factory , and production started
October 1992 Increased capital to \20,000,000
November 1994 Opened Osaka Office
January 1999 Produced HONDAFLOH Adhesive tape , and its marketing started
December 2000 Increased capital to \30,000,000
March 2002 ISO 9001 certificated
February 2006 Head Office relocated to Totsuka-cho,Totsuka-ku,Yokohama-shi
April 2006 Opened Kyushu Office
June 2008 Developed silicone rubber compound products "HONDA's Silicone" , and its marketing started
November 2009 Developed improved in resistance to abrasion products "RA Fabric/ RA Belt", and its marketing started
July 2010 Developed improved in resistance to penetration and durability-quick release products "LL Fabric/ LL Belt", and its marketing started

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